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Sch Creations

About Me.

My name is Sofia Christoforou and I am a multidisciplinary artist from Cyprus.

My work is often framed around the concepts of storytelling, inner-reflection and interaction.

 I work across a diverse range of media and material. 

My artistic approach is intuitive, I let the making guide me. Whether is painting, ceramics or metalwork, I immerse myself into a flow state and create with no strict plan. 


Through a poetic lens, I view life and investigate the human existence. I use my art to explore humanity and everything that comes with it,


the past, the present, the future

the before, the beyond 

and the within. 


Curiosity fuels my creative drive. I find myself absorbing information from everything that surrounds me.

My practice becomes an abstract response, a sensual exploration where I manifest the essence of the world I see.

My work takes shape in a spontaneous process, an instinctive performance, where I create a reciprocal channel of giving and receiving information with the material.


It is a conversation between me and the material, a physical language to create a tactile form of poetry. 



​2020-2022   MA Ceramics and Glass - Royal Collage of Art

2016-2019   BA 3D Design and Craft - University of Brighton

2015-2016   Art & Design Foundation Diploma - UCA Canterbury






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